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Is Pilates for me ?

Body Eclipse Pilates Pershore WR10Pilates is suitable for both men & women, regardless of age, or level of fitness.
It is particularly beneficial for people over 30,
the age at which you start to loose lean body mass.

Initially it is not aerobic, but it is energising, & both mentally and physically challenging for all clients. The exercises are safe enough to benefit those with back problems,
yet challenging enough for professional dancers & athletes.

The list of benefits is almost endless :

● Improved posture & alignmentBody Eclipse Pilates Pershore WR10
● Better core stability, leading to a firmer, flatter stomach & a more defined waist
● Stronger back muscles & a healthier spine
● Increased joint mobility & bone density
● Better co-ordination & improved balance
● Greater muscle strength & tone;
   firmer buttocks and thighs, toned arms & shoulders
● More efficient breathing pattern & increase circulation
● Relieves unwanted stress & tension; giving you more energy

Pilates is particularly suitable for suffers of :Body Eclipse Pilates Pershore WR10

Back pain, back ache & other back related problems
● Neck and shoulder pain or problems
● Stiffness, joint pains & muscle pains; caused by arthritis, Fibromyalgia, M.E.
Poor posture & rounded shoulders
Injuries, both sport and others

"In ten lessons you'll feel the difference, in twenty you'll see the difference, & in thirty you'll have a new body"
Joseph Pilates