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Group Matwork Classes

Group Classes are taught at Cherry Orchard School Pershore, Cropthorne Village Hall & Eckington Village Hall.
Classes are 1 hour 5 minutes in length, 1 hour Pilates, followed by relaxation, essential for busy lives & minds.
Body Eclipse Pilates Pershore WR10Classes are run in blocks, each block varies in length from 6 to 7 weeks.
Class sizes are small, 10-12 participants. This enables individual attention, allowing you to master the basics & achieve more noticeable results.
Pilates exercises are performed on a mat & standing.
During a block of classes some pieces of studio equipment, Flexi-bands, hand weights, Pilates overballs & Sit-Fits may be used to challenge you, heighten your awareness & help you gain the most from your Pilates class.
All equipment is provided, including mats & head pillows.
Wear comfortable clothing which allows freedom of movement.
Pilates is done without foot wear but you may wish to wear socks. Keep jewellery to a minimum & tie long hair back.

How do I join a Group Class ?

● If you are familiar with the Body Control Pilates Method you can feed straight in to an appropriate level of class.
● If you have practiced Pilates before but are unfamiliar with Body Control Pilates I recommend an initial private lesson.
● If you are a Beginner I recommend up to 3 private lessons, where you will be taught some basic Pilates exercise which you can practice at Body Eclipse Pilates Pershore WR10home, thereby gaining the most from class when you join.
● If you have been referred by a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Physiotherapist
I recommend up to 5 private lessons to ensure that the exercises are appropriate.
● Joining a group class depends on available spaces. Occasionally you may need to go on a waiting list. To reserve your place telephone or email


Before attending your first lesson please complete a Health Summary Form which will allow your teacher to access your ability &
make changes to exercises if required. If appropriate & with your permission, your teacher may liaise with your practitioner.